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Sharon Clements, Clements General Construction Inc.

It's easy to teach new users how to use the system. We find the reports easy to understand by the field people. The ability to export data to Excel and Word has been a huge time saver for us because of the Time and Materials work that we do. It gives the client a clean, easy set of reports with just the information that they need to see. I like that we can have up to nine entities set up in the system, if needed. It's helpful for small businesses to be able to implement individual modules as needed and as they can afford them. The "real time" posting of job costs is great. The fact that when we enter accounts payable invoices and when we write the checks, those costs go immediately to the jobs. This allows our field personnel to see an up to the minute report the same day as the payroll is posted. The payroll module alone saves our company $45,000 per year by allowing us to eliminate one person in overhead. Why you would send payroll out of house when this is so easy is beyond me! With BIS, we've got the information right now - not next week.

I’ve been asked to break down the type of work Clements performs and respond that 10% is focused strictly on safety, 25% on new construction, 20% on concrete (foundation) work, and 65% on TI/Relocation/Upgrades. Since that adds up to 120% I explain that Builder Information System (BIS) allows us to do that extra 20% work without running into overtime, which would be impossible to accomplish on regular time without the software.

I have recommended this construction software for small to midsize contractors for many years because of the price, ease of use, and for the ability of the system to expand as a business grows. I have been using BIS since 1994 and have always implemented all of the upgrades to the modules that we use. The upgrades always give us something that saves us time and therefore, saves us money. We are long-time users that will probably continue to be BIS users for years to come.

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"As a BIS software user for over ten years and just recently having the opportunity to view your video tutorial learning center, I was pleasantly surprised how informative and helpful I found these tutorials to be."


Debbie Wahna, Accountant, Bear Construction, Inc.





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Builder Information System (BIS®) is the fast, flexible and scalable construction accounting software you need to grow your business. With 4 Editions, 18 modules and up to 3,000+ variations of reports, BIS® is construction software for any size company. BIS® supports AIA® billing, certified payroll reporting and accurate job costing information in real-time. Construction accounting should be profitable, not painful; that's why BIS® technology is light years ahead of the competition. BIS® job cost software will ensure that you maximize your time and money on the job, not on difficult to use construction software. If you need construction accounting software that goes far beyond generic accounting programs, then BIS® is the industry solution you need. Video: What is real time accounting?