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Kim Guderski, Bookkeeper, Diamond Contracting Corp.

I first started using BIS construction software in May 1995 and at that time the software was a DOS version which was very easy to learn and operate. Our company was now able to keep track of all job related costs. This greatly helped us identify where we were profitable and not.

After the software changed to a “Windows” operating system many years ago, the entire conversion was very smooth due to MICS, Inc. being highly supportive and experts in construction software.
The software covers everything you can imagine or need.

Payroll is a weekly endeavor with my company as well as E.F.T.P.S. (Federal) tax payments which this software has always calculated accurately.

MICS, Inc. has always kept up with payroll tax changes for both Federal and State reporting.

I had an audit performed by a State auditor on my payroll a few years ago. He said after reviewing my payroll records for about four hours that in 17 years of auditing he has never seen such clean and accurate payroll records and could not find even a penny difference!

If you are in the construction business then this software is the best in the industry by far, look no further.

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"Limbaugh Construction co., Inc. uses BIS software on a daily basis not only for bookkeeping purposes but also to track our costs."


Paula Limbaugh, President, Limbaugh Construction





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