Real-Time Construction Accounting Software



Janet Parrish, Office Manager, Schmeeckle Bros. Construction Co.

We have been using the BIS accounting software program for many years.


In our business it is important to have a current job cost available at all times. We really like the fact that the program is date sensitive.


It allows us to have numerous jobs going at the same time and we can use an endless number of cost codes. We can set up a budget for each job and track the expenses as needed.


The program has many reports available in each module. We can also make changes to some of the forms customizing them for our needs. We are able to get any report at any time and know that it will have current information.


It is very easy to track your entries when needed and is much easier to use than QuickBooks.


You can also close each month or keep them all open as needed. The "Lookup" capabilities are very useful and again makes this program user friendly and the periodical updates are downloadable and very easy to install.

If and when we do have issues we call and a support person is always available to assist us.


We have been very happy with the BIS accounting software and would recommend it to others.

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"I had an audit performed by a State auditor on my payroll. He said after reviewing my payroll records for about four hours that in 17 years of auditing he has never seen such clean and accurate payroll records"


Kim Guderski, Bookkeeper, Diamond Contracting Corp.





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