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Gerald Hart, Sr. Vice President, Alpha Construction Co. Inc.

BIS is a comprehensive, all-in-one package.  By that I mean it provides the contractor with all of the means and methods required to operate a construction business...from cradle to the grave, as it were. Construction forms, paper handling, reports, job costing, scheduling, real-time bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll, bank reconciliation, etc.  Nothing has been forgotten, and it is adaptable to suit existing operations. It is important to note, as well, that telephone support is readily available, thereby eliminating roadblocks and production delays.   BIS has kept our company running efficiently for over 30 years.

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"Limbaugh Construction co., Inc. uses BIS software on a daily basis not only for bookkeeping purposes but also to track our costs."


Paula Limbaugh, President, Limbaugh Construction





MICS Announces the release of BIS & Report Server Version 1142.07


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MICS, Inc. launches the BIS Forms Division Website


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Builder Information System (BIS®) is the fast, flexible and scalable construction accounting software you need to grow your business. With 4 Editions, 18 modules and up to 3,000+ variations of reports, BIS® is construction software for any size company. BIS® supports AIA® billing, certified payroll reporting and accurate job costing information in real-time. Construction accounting should be profitable, not painful; that's why BIS® technology is light years ahead of the competition. BIS® job cost software will ensure that you maximize your time and money on the job, not on difficult to use construction software. If you need construction accounting software that goes far beyond generic accounting programs, then BIS® is the industry solution you need. Video: What is real time accounting?