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Emily A. Archuleta, Office Manager, Mountain View Welding, LLC

Mountain View Welding, LLC has been using BIS since 2000. The software fits all of our needs to run our company smoothly. MICS has a great support team when we have questions and need answers quickly.  I highly recommend BIS to any construction/manufacturing company!

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"I had an audit performed by a State auditor on my payroll. He said after reviewing my payroll records for about four hours that in 17 years of auditing he has never seen such clean and accurate payroll records"


Kim Guderski, Bookkeeper, Diamond Contracting Corp.





MICS announces the release of BIS & Report Server Version 1142.12


BIS Cloud Timecard


MICS, Inc. launches the BIS Forms Division Website


MICS is recognized by CIO Review Magazine


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