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Debbie Wahna, Accountant, Bear Construction, Inc.

As a BIS software user for over ten years and just recently having the opportunity to view your video tutorial learning center, I was pleasantly surprised how informative and helpful I found these tutorials to be.


Some of the things I appreciate are the length of each topic tutorial- not too long, not too short with information covered in detail; Showing the BIS screen at all times- you can watch what icons are being selected and see reports; the speaker is very easy to understand- volume is good and you stay on topic and don’t jump around. I’ve watched over thirty of the videos so far and feel I can confidently use the BIS accounting system more efficiently after having viewed the tutorials.  Thanks again for making these available to BIS users!

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"One of our favorite parts of BIS is the people.  Your questions and concerns are not sent off to some third party contractor to answer."


Susan Layburn, Office Administrator, Builderscape, Inc.





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