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Support/Training and Other Programming Options


There are 3 ways to receive support or training; Online Subscription, Telephone Plan, and On-site Visit.





Traditional ways of acquiring information have changed over the years; printed manuals, long distance phone calls, and office visits do still exist, but public demands for personal and faster access to information has introduced many new channels to meet those needs. In recent years the use of Knowledge Base libraries, FAQs, and training videos, all available online, have become more popular for individuals who have become accustomed to searching for their own answers on their own schedules.


When a question arises concerning the BIS program you can typically find your answer through the Customer Portal in one of the following manners:


  1. Searching the Knowledge Base via keywords (available to all customers with a current Software Update Subscription - SUS).
  2. Access the Video Learning Center (available to all Online Subscribers).
  3. Submitting your question online (also available to all Online Subscribers, a reply will be returned within 24 to 48 hours of normal business workdays).


The Online Subscription can be purchased via an automatic payment on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. A discount is given to those who prefer to pay on a quarterly or annual basis. A setup fee of $50.00 will be waived on the initial setup upon the first purchase of a 3 month or longer contract and is in effect provided there is no lapse in the Online Subscription or the SUS. The initial setup is performed by MICS staff and will establish an automatic billing to a valid credit card.


It is important that you renew the Online Subscription and SUS ahead of time and keep your credit card expiration date current in our records so there will not be any lapse in the automatic billing cycle. If the Online Subscription or the SUS does expire, or the credit card is not updated the setup fee will be mandatory at the time of renewal.


Customers are always encouraged to install the most recent BIS updates. We will provide support for the last 5 versions; older versions will require that you update your software before support or training can be provided.


It is required that you update the Software Update Subscription (SUS) before you can purchase an Online Subscription plan. Providing any support when the SUS is expired is at our discretion.


  1. It is important to define what online support excludes.
  2. It is not reviewing or repairing your data by a programmer or technical support agent.
  3. It is not telephone support.
  4. It is not one-on-one training.
  5. It is not on-site support or training.
  6. It is not accounting/bookkeeping advice.


The items listed above are available (except for accounting/bookkeeping advice), but not included in your support agreement. If you find that you need assistance by any of the means listed above please contact our office for an estimate.


Please use the following link to view the Online Support/Training Plans Order Form





Prepaid Telephone Support/Training is a valuable addition to the online support and is covered under a separate telephone support plan. It is discounted to our Online Subscribers; there is a 1 hour minimum purchase required.


If you have a current Software Update Subscription, but have not purchased an Online Subscription, you can still purchase prepaid telephone support at the regular rate and a minimum of 2 hours prior to being connected to an agent.


Please use the following link to access the Telephone Support/Training Plans Order Form





This is typically used for training purposes and is prearranged for an agent to visit your office; a 2 day minimum is required.



Programming Services:


Reviewing and repairing your data is available under a separate agreement and charged at $200.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.


Data conversion services for QuickBooks, Peachtree, and other programs are on a case by case basis. You will need to provide an ASCII delimited file for us to review and estimate the scope of the project.


Note: MICS personnel do not support networks, operating systems, or any computer hardware.