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Subcontract Control

(Essential, Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions)


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The BIS® Subcontract Control module allow users to efficiently keep track of subcontracts and change orders. It tracks expiration dates for worker's compensation and liability insurance coverage, invoices, payments, retention and backcharges.


Subcontract Control Sample Screen


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Subcontract Change Orders Sample Screen


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Subcontract Backcharges Sample Screen


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Subcontract Control Features

  • Tracks subcontract and subcontract change orders
  • Verifies accounts payable invoices against subcontract amount due
  • Subcontract number is automatically defined as job number, cost code, and vendor number
  • Reports percent of work completed
  • Keeps track of Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance coverage expiration dates
  • Tracks subcontract retention
  • Supports up to 99,999 change orders per subcontract
  • Allows for subcontract reduction due to backcharges (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)

Subcontract Control Reports

  • Subcontract List
  • Subcontract Report Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Change Orders Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Invoices Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Cost Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Backcharges Summary or Detail
  • Subcontract Worker’s Compensation Insurance Expiration
  • Subcontract Liability Insurance Expiration
  • Subcontract Automobile Insurance Expiration



Subcontract Sample Reports


Hyperlinks fields as shown on the following sample report preview screens can be disabled when printing, exporting, or emailing reports.


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