Real-Time Construction Accounting Software



Report Server

(Professional & Enterprise Editions)


Automatically generate, print, export and/or email hundreds of reports - even without being in the office!  This takes construction management to a whole new level.

Report Server can save employees many hours accessing, generating and sending reports to people inside and outside the office while effectively reducing the number of people requiring user access to the BIS® accounting system!


Report Server automates the generation and sending of reports to people within the company. This reduces the need for those people to access the accounting system to view or generate a report, thereby saving the company time and money.


Set it and leave it! Simply set up list of the reports to be sent, the email addresses for each individual report, the printers, when to send them, the report format (Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft® Word, PDF, TIFF, TXT), and Report Server automatically does the rest.  In addition, with the Enterprise Edition, you can email or export the reports as HTML.


Report Server is optional in the BIS® Professional Edition and comes included in the BIS® Enterprise Edition.


Report Server Features

  • Automatic email distribution of multiple reports
  • Automatic printing of multiple reports
  • Automatic exporting of multiple reports
  • Automatically send similar reports to multiple people
  • Automatically send different reports to different people
  • Send reports on specified dates
  • Send reports on recurring days of the week or month
  • Send reports on recurring hours of each day