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Purchase Order

(Professional & Enterprise Editions)


The BIS® Purchase Order Module allows users to create and track purchases. Purchase Order information can easily be related to Vendor Invoices in the Accounts Payable module. Purchase Orders appear as committed costs on Job Cost reports.


Purchase Order Sample Screen


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Purchase Order Features

  • Ability to track purchase orders by number, date and/or amount
  • Fully integrated with all other BIS® modules
  • Full real-time integration with other BIS® modules - Upon a PO change or entry, all corresponding BIS® modules are automatically updated
  • Purchase Order vouchers can be generated to help control the purchasing of new products and services
  • Easily modify purchase order formats to the company format with our Report Writer module


Purchase Order Reports

  • Open or closed (filled) purchase reports based on number, date and/or amount
  • Purchase Order List Summary, Detail, or Extended
  • Purchase Order Form Continuous or Laser
  • Purchase Order Analysis Summary or Detail