Real-Time Construction Accounting Software



BIS® Enterprise

BIS® Enterprise is designed for contractors that demand more from their construction accounting, job costing and management system. For those that need access anytime, from anywhere for themselves and their staff, BIS® Enterprise is the choice.

In a system that has many people accessing it at once, security is vital. BIS® Enterprise excels by offering unprecedented control over what users do and don’t see with the addition of Field Level Security. Enjoy powerful and user friendly capabilities in BIS® Enterprise, all while being secure in the access and security features designed for your data.



No Boundaries:

BIS® Enterprise can be remotely accessed via a Microsoft Windows® 2012, 2016 or 2019 Remote Desktop Server. Owners, project managers and accountants can all work in the same set of data via an Internet browser. Imagine getting the information you need anytime, anywhere.



Flexible Capabilities:

BIS® Enterprise is a fully modular system where you choose what features to implement. User definable fields, with the optional Report Writer module, custom report creation and direct deposit are just some of the available features that allow you to tailor the software to your needs.



Additional Functionality:

Additional features specific to BIS® Enterprise will give you more control over your data than ever before. Security by field functionality will let you set access down to the minutest level. Set access per user, per field item. Need more control over reports? Besides being able to create custom reports if you have the Report Writer module, in BIS® Enterprise you can also add code to those custom reports. No third party report writer comes close to giving you the level of control or access to your data.



Field Level Security:

To read more about Field Level Security and how it can help create layered security for your financial data, read the Securing Your Financial Information article on this website.



To find out more about BIS® Enterprise, see our feature listing by module.