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Password and Security

(Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions)


The BIS® Password and Security module grants up to four levels of administrative control. In the Standard Edition, the system administrator can grant or deny access to each module and menu choice. In the BIS® Professional Edition, security is increased to the Function level and in the Enterprise Edition, the administrator can also control user Field access within forms.


Password Sample Screen


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Security Access


Access to every part of BIS® can be controlled for each user by menu and module options. Secured access to specific functions and actions can be established for each user. Redirection of reports to specific printers can be established by user and report.



Security Access Sample Screen


Access can be restricted to Module, Menu, and/or Actions.


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Field Level Security


If additional security is required besides Menu, Module and User Actions, the BIS® Enterprise Edition provides Field Level Security. The administrator can turn off Fields, Tabs and Commands from any form.


Employee Normal Data Entry Screen


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Field Level Secured Employee Data Entry Screen


The following example illustrates that the employee pay rate and billing rate have been restricted for that user. In addition to the field removal, the Adjustments, Direct Deposit and History tabs are restricted for the controlled user.


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Password Features

  • Allows multiple levels of password protection
  • Permits or restricts access into any BIS® module or menu selection
  • Individual passwords for each employee can restrict that employee's access to each menu, submenu or detail menu
  • Creating a master password gives administrators the ability to override any password in use without exiting the system.
  • Allows customized access for each user and for each company in a multi-company installation (multi-company in BIS® Standard, Professional and Enterprise)
  • Set add, edit and delete access functionality per user (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Set access per field item (BIS® Enterprise)
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