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Job Scheduling

(Professional & Enterprise Editions)


The BIS® Job Scheduling module is based on the critical path method of scheduling activities on time. It keeps track of duration, percent complete, start and finish dates including activity float for budget, schedule of values or free format schedules. Exclusive to BIS®, job schedule activity lists can be automatically created from Job Budgets or Job Schedule of Values. Users can see the "work loading" or conflicts on subcontractors using the exclusive Subcontract View. 


Network Diagram Sample Screen


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Gantt Chart Sample Screen


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  • Critical Path Method of scheduling activities
  • Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, Late Finish, Free Float, Total Float, Original Duration, Revised Duration, Remaining Duration
  • Network Diagram showing predecessors and successors
  • Schedules Budget, Schedule of Values or User Defined Activities
  • Gantt Chart and Network Diagram
  • Subcontract View
  • Activities can be suspended
  • Schedules can be automatically created from Job Budgets or Schedule of Values



  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Job Budget Scheduling
  • Job Billing Scheduling
  • Free Format Scheduling
  • Budget Cash Flow - Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Billing Cash Flow - Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Schedule Comparisons
  • Network Diagram
  • Gantt Chart
  • Daily Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Yearly Calendar
  • Job Summary
  • Predecessor and Successor Reporting
  • Suspended Activities


Job Cost Sample Reports


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