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The Job Billing module allows billing for jobs on a Lump Sum or Cost Plus basis. It features billing according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA®) forms G701™(Change Order), G702™ (Application and Certificate for Payment) and G703™ (Continuation Sheet: Scheduled Values).


Job Schedule of Values Sample Screen


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Job Markup Sample Screen


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Job Billing Features

  • When BIS® processes a billing, the General Ledger Financial Statements, Accounts Receivable and cash accounts are automatically updated using real-time technology
  • Billings can be lump-sum, percentage of completion or cost plus
  • Percentage of completion billing can be done for each billing code or for the entire job
  • Maintains scheduled value, previous payments, work in place, stored materials, percent completed, total completed, balance and retention per billing contract line item
  • Schedule of Values can be automatically created for cost plus jobs
  • Cost plus updates the billing according to cost-plus markup for each cost type (L, M, S, O, E)
  • Billing for labor at calculated billing rate, default employee billing rate or a manually entered billing rate
  • Allows for a maximum of 99,999 change orders per contract
  • Billing for change orders include separate change orders markup
  • User-definable Lien Release
  • Time & Materials Billing


Job Billing Reports

  • Schedule of Values
  • Application for Payment on actual AIA® G700 forms or computer generated forms
  • Job Billing History Summary or Detail
  • Job Cash Receipts Summary or Detail
  • Billing Code Library
  • User Defined Contract Invoices


Job Billing Sample Reports



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"Our staff was able to improve the effectiveness of bidding as well as the maximizing of margins which was critical during the downturn in the economy where jobs were tougher to win and margins were tougher to maintain."


Bryan C. Coomes, CFO, Hayes Construction Company



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