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How to Use Support & Services

The BIS Support & Services page is a collection of tools to assist you with questions, updates, customizing reports and programs to fit your needs, and useful information. Some of the items listed on the Support & Services page are available to the public, while others require software or support subscriptions.


Access to the Support & Services items is as follows:


Public Access

No cost

This is open to the public for informational purposes.

Note: Some Calendar events may require Software Update Subscription (SUS) login credentials.

Access to:

  • Calendar
  • Suggestion Box
  • Support/Training Options
  • Supplies


SUS Only

(Telephone support is available at additional cost)

All customers with a current SUS will have access to the items listed below from the Support & Services page:

  • All Public Access items
  • Downloads
  • Knowledge Base
  • Custom Reports/Programs


Online Subscription

Cost is $50.00 per month and will be charged automatically to a credit card.

This plan includes access to:

  • All Public items
  • Support Request
  • Video Learning Center
  • Knowledge Base


When you select the Support & Services button on the Main Page it will open the list of items, some for viewing purposes only. The items that are available to the public can be selected and are accessed without requiring any login credentials. Note that some Calendar events may require Software Update Subscription (SUS) login credentials. Other items will require login credentials before you can begin to use them. All customers will be assigned login credentials which will allow the items that are available to you. If you have not already received your login credentials please contact MICS at 1-800-838-6427.


Support Request

This is available to customers who have purchased an Online Subscription. This item is a method for contacting a support agent by submitting a written support request. You will receive an automatic reply that assigns a ticket number to your request and then forwarded to an agent for further assistance. An agent will respond within 24 to 48 business hours.


Video learning center

A library of videos has been produced and available to all Online Subscription customers. These videos are available to you 24/7/365 for your convenience. Subjects include basic training for new users to more complex features for advanced users. New features introduced to BIS will also be demonstrated in these videos for first hand observation by our subscribers.



All customers with a current SUS will have access to this item. Here you will be able to download BIS and Report Server updates as well as documentation of enhancements, installation, or other important information we want to place in your hands.


Knowledge base

This collection of articles is available to all customers with a current SUS and covers many subjects from “How To” questions to “What If” scenarios. Known issues and simple workarounds will be described as soon as they are discovered.


Custom Reports/ Programs

This is a library of custom reports and programs, customers with a current SUS will be able to access this option. We are currently developing a list of existing custom reports and programs that can be purchased from MICS. Programmers are available to assist you with your custom requirements. Call for details.



This will be open to Public Access however; some events listed on the calendar may be available only to current customers. Events such as webinars, training schedules, or projected update releases will be posted here.


Suggestion box

Public Access to this item will allow inquiries from non-customers or suggestions from current customers who may not have an online subscription. We believe many of our best improvements to BIS have been a result of your ideas and we welcome you to contact us through this channel.


Support/Training Options

Public Access to this item gives non-customers an opportunity to learn about our support and training options. Current customers can always use this item to review any options available to them.



Public Access to this item gives non-customers an opportunity to learn about special forms available to them that are designed to work with BIS. For current customers they can access this item to open a brochure of custom forms or open the order form for Micro Computer Forms.

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