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General Ledger

(Essential, Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions)


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The BIS® General Ledger module allows you to use the BIS® real-time advantage to its fullest potential. All transactions entered automatically update the General Ledger Journals, Worksheets, Statements, Job Costs and Ledgers. BIS® Financial Statements allow you to build a flexible Chart of Accounts and generate every report you'll need!


General Ledger Sample Screen


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General Ledger Features


  • Entries automatically update General Ledger Journals, Worksheets, Statements, General Ledger, Job Cost and Subcontract files
  • Up-to-the minute financial information at any time. No more waiting until the end of the month for a financial statement
  • All transactions in other modules are automatically posted to General Ledger through the BIS® one button accounting feature
  • Changes to transactions automatically produce reversing entries for perfect audit trails
  • No need to run separate sorting or posting routines
  • Expenses may be distributed to Job Cost Labor, Material, Subcontract or Other Direct Costs
  • Flexible chart of accounts for easy tailoring to your unique business needs
  • Chart of accounts is presented and manipulated in a visual tree-like structure
  • Option to create your own chart of accounts or add accounts
  • Separate journals for each control account (such as cash accounts)
  • Separate income accounts so that sources of revenue can be quickly identified and analyzed
  • Account numbers may be up to ten digits in length. Also provides forty character description field
  • Handles over 10,000 departments (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Multiple company accounting
  • Multiple company accounting consolidation (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Recurring Journal Entries (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • User Definable Fields (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
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General Ledger Reports

  • Recurring Journal Entries Groups Summary or Detail
  • Recurring Journal Entries Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Trial Balance Summary or Detail
  • Financial Statements – Balance Sheet and Income Statement – Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
  • Financial Statements – Prior Year Comparatives
  • Financial Statements – By Department
  • Financial Statements – Multi-Company Consolidation (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Schedules to Financial Statements
  • Statements of Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios - Current Ratio (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Financial Ratios -Quick Ratio (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Financial Ratios -Inventory Turnover (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • Comparative Period Accounts
  • Cash Disbursements Journal Summary, Detail, or Extended
  • Cash Receipts Journal Summary or Detail
  • General Ledger Summary, Detail, Journals, or Extended
  • Chart of Accounts List Summary or Detail
  • Chart of Accounts Budget
  • Chart of Accounts Tree Structure
  • Chart of Accounts Departments
  • General Journal (Journal Entries) Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Check Register
  • Check List Detail or Extended
  • Cash Receipts List
  • General Ledger Activity by Report Code (Sub Ledger) Detail or Extended
  • General Ledger Activity by Job
  • And more...


General Ledger Sample Reports


Hyperlinks fields as shown on the following sample report preview screens can be disabled when printing, exporting or emailing reports.


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"Our staff was able to improve the effectiveness of bidding as well as the maximizing of margins which was critical during the downturn in the economy where jobs were tougher to win and margins were tougher to maintain."


Bryan C. Coomes, CFO, Hayes Construction Company



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