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Job cost tracking, rock-solid reporting, subcontract management, incredible functionality and ease of use are a few of the reasons why General Contractors choose Builder Information System for their construction accounting software needs.

Track your jobs, subcontracts, inventory, equipment and documents in real-time with BIS' powerful construction management solutions. The advanced reporting capabilities in BIS® gives you the power to manage your time, information and company. Unique capabilities, found only in BIS®, lets you work with your reports on your terms. Utilizing a wide range of reporting tools, you can analyze and manipulate your data quickly and efficiently.

  • Maximize your profits accurately with real-time job cost control
  • Manage subcontracts
  • Easily create joint checks
  • Generate certified payroll and easily produce certified reports
  • Flexible workers compensation functionality allows you to pay only what you owe
  • Bill lump sum or cost plus with integrated AIA® billing
  • Editable lien releases
  • Increase efficiency by linking documents and images to jobs
  • Get the reports you need with over 3,000 reports including variations
  • Increase job cost control through detail, summary or extended reports
  • Manage important documents such as submittals, bid requests and RFI's
  • Send your reports automatically with the exclusive BIS® Report Server®
  • Track multiple union obligations in great detail
  • Track equipment used on the job
  • Robust bank reconciliation allowing on-the-fly transactions
  • Save time through fully integrated system with intuitive design
  • Seamless flow from Purchase Orders to Invoices
  • Accurate, real-time AP posting to GL and jobs
  • Aging reports by vendor or job
  • Accurate, real-time posting of billings via AIA® or Contract Invoices
  • Seamless flow from Sales Orders to Sales Invoices
  • Accurate, real-time AR posting to GL and jobs
  • Aging reports by customer or job
  • Custom reports have and can be developed

General Contractors choose Builder Information System for its ease of use, excellent reporting capabilities, real-time job cost information, and bulletproof audit trail. Contact a Builder Information System sales representative today to find out how to maximize your profits and get a handle on your financial future.

Disclaimer: Certain functionality is tied to Modules and Edition purchased. Contact MICS for more information on availability and functionality.


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"Mountain View Welding, LLC has been using BIS since 2000. I highly recommend BIS to any construction/manufacturing company."


Emily A. Archuleta, Office Manager, Mountain View Welding, LLC



Builder Information System (BIS®) is the fast, flexible and scalable construction accounting software you need to grow your business. With 4 Editions, 18 modules and up to 3,000+ variations of reports, BIS® is construction software for any size company. BIS® supports AIA® billing, certified payroll reporting and accurate job costing information in real-time. Construction accounting should be profitable, not painful; that's why BIS® technology is light years ahead of the competition. BIS® job cost software will ensure that you maximize your time and money on the job, not on difficult to use construction software. If you need construction accounting software that goes far beyond generic accounting programs, then BIS® is the industry solution you need. Video: What is real time accounting?