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Builder Information System is the leading construction accounting and job costing software in the industry. From receiving multiple 5-Star reviews to exceeding clients' needs for over twenty years through state of the art software and exceptional customer service, no other program can compare.


  • Real-Time technology
    The era of cumbersome batch processing is long gone. With BIS®, as you enter new information your entire set of books and reports are instantly and automatically updated. With BIS®, there is no need to post transactions, batch process, wait until the end of the month, or go through tedious procedures to update your books. More...
  • Drill Down+®
    Exclusive to BIS®, Drill Down+®, you control the action to take place when you drill down, whether it is to launch a report from a list of reports, document link or edit master or transaction records. Finding where figures come from has never been easier. Users can even customize Drill Down+® so that with a single click, it takes them back to a specific report every time. More...
  • My Desktop
    The My Desktop feature offers users a color-coded three-part screen, chosen from the System Menu on the left. One part offers shortcut hyperlinks to modular elements of the program. In this view, users can see the major components of each function and any subcomponents of that function. Similarly, the Report area shows each of the related reports. Finally, another colored section shows related elements of the program connected to, but not in the specific module. More...
  • My Favorites®
    Users can create their own groupings of favorite or often-used elements of BIS®. These groupings can include their own organizational hierarchy, even if different than the normal and optional BIS® menus and views, and directly access those favorite elements within BIS®. More...
  • My Job Dashboard®
    BIS® includes a powerful Job Dashboard feature that enables users to get an instant overview of one job, several jobs or all jobs. Users can see at a glance the Summary of Billings and Costs, the Cash Flow, Labor comparisons, Subcontract information, Document Management and other reports. More...
  • Interactive Data Analysis™ and Pivot Tables
    The Interactive Data Analysis™ feature within the Job Dashboard, enables users to view and manipulate their data with a spreadsheet-like screen form. This feature uses powerful Pivot Tables, the Microsoft® name for an Excel® technique that is part spreadsheet and part database. Pivot Tables®categorize your data by group, and gives you counts, sums and averages on your data. This data can even be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. A Data Filter enables users to narrow the analysis to only the facts needed. Columns can be moved, removed and added. More....
  • My Workspaces
    The Tabbed Multiple Display Interface (TMDI) feature enables users to create multiple named workspaces to speed workflow. Users can create workspaces consisting of transaction forms, reports and more, place them on their screen, and change from one workspace to another with just a click of the mouse. More....
  • Dockable Windows and Widescreen Monitor Support
    Dockable and tabbed windows in BIS® provide a rich customization experience, allowing users to redesign the viewable layout to make use of personal preferences for screen real estate. Some users prefer to have all needed windows out in plain sight, while other users prefer to concentrate solely on a single window without being distracted by related options. Users can create screens consisting of transaction forms, reports, and more, and change from one docked window to another with just a click of the mouse. More....
  • System Requirements
    All Editions of BIS® (Essential, Standard, Professional and Enterprise) are designed to run under a Windows® environment. BIS® is a 32-bit application which runs under Windows 7®, 8®,10® and 10 Pro®. Recommended servers are Windows 2012, 2016 or 2019 Standalone Servers. For the Enterprise Edition, a Windows Remote Desktop Server 2012, 2016 or 2019 is recommended. For more detailed information of the BIS® System Requirements, please click the following link.
    BIS® System Requirements.pdf
  • Unlimited Historical Fiscal Years
    BIS® allows for entries in two fiscal years: Current & Prior. Users can continue entering data into those years and access historical data from any journal, ledger or statement by simply selecting the appropriate fiscal year.
  • Automatic Reversing Entries
    Edit, change, or delete a transaction, and BIS® automatically produces the appropriate reversing entries including balances to your financial statements. There is no need to remember the debit and credit balances of the transaction - BIS® does it for you in the background.
  • Impeccable Audit Trail
    BIS® keeps a record of all reversing entries and can be listed on journal and general ledger reports when requested.
  • Open Database Compliant (ODBC)
    ODBC is a widely accepted application-programming interface (API) for database access. This allows BIS® data to be exported into programs like Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, Access® or third party products such as Crystal Reports®.
  • All Inclusive Software
    With BIS®, you don't need to license additional 3rd party reporting or database software. BIS® has a powerful, easy to use report writer and built-in database that eliminates the need to license or maintain 3rd party software.
  • Scalability
    BIS® can grow with you. When you need more users or modules you don't need to re-install a new program. For virtually every element in the program, you just use a simple license disk and security code and what you need is instantly available.
  • Integrated Menu System
    Master and transaction forms, and all reports for all modules, are available from any one of three selectable integrated menus. There is no need to switch modules to access options within a different module.
  • Advanced Administration Features
    BIS® contains a host of administration features that makes your job easier. From impressive backup and recover features to enhanced security functionality, BIS® enables you to manage your information, your way.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    The BIS® user interface has been specially designed to minimize your use of the mouse, letting you enter data quickly and accurately using hotkeys and the tab button from the keyboard.
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
    MDI lets you open several forms in the main BIS® application window. For example, you can open the Customer Master Form, Accounts Payable Invoices, Inventory Adjustments, and Job Budget windows simultaneously and switch among them by clicking a mouse.
  • Fast Data Output
    BIS® uses the technology to optimize data retrieval. This is an exclusive technology for rapidly selecting sets of records from tables; it can reduce query response times from minutes to seconds.
  • 24 Month Accounting
    BIS® allows two consecutive fiscal years (24 months) to be open at any time. Transactions can be entered in any month in the current or prior year.
  • Transaction Tracking System™
    The Transaction Tracking System™ (TTS™) has been created for BIS® to ensure the integrity of the data being written to disk. If, for example, a power failure occurs while a transaction is being written, the TTS™ executes a transaction rollback to remove the partially written transaction from the books.
  • Designed for Windows® Logo
    BIS® was awarded the Designed for Windows® logo. This means BIS® has been independently lab tested for things like product performance, stability and ease of use. This ensures BIS® meets or exceeds the highest standards for use within a Windows® environment.

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"Builder Information System is a powerful attractive package that addresses the job cost needs for any company size..."


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