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Drill Down+®

Exclusive to BIS®, Drill Down+® lets users control the action to take place, whether it is to launch a report from a list of reports, document link or edit master or transaction records. Finding where figures come from has never been easier. Users can even customize Drill Down+® so that with a single click, it takes them back to a specific report every time.


Take Control Of Your Data


Many reporting systems leave few options for finding the information needed and even fewer options for interacting with data. With BIS Advanced Reporting Capabilities, users have the power to work with data on their own terms. Making changes to data is fast and easy with On-The-Fly Record Changes. And when users need to backup what’s on the screen with external data, BIS® enables them to do so with the Document Link capabilities. No other reporting system can give users these types of capabilities. It puts them in control of their data like no other system can. BIS® offers the most advanced construction reporting available today.


Work Smarter, Not Harder


Drill Down+® is technology not found in any other construction accounting software. It’s been specifically designed and implemented in BIS® to make life easier. Left-clicking on any hyperlink in a report will let users see supporting information. Whether researching job costs or viewing details on journal transactions, BIS® gets users to the information quickly and intuitively.


But what really sets the Drill Down+® technology apart is the ability to define what level of information users want to see. By right-clicking on any hyperlink, they can choose different sources of supporting information.


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Customizable Drill Down


The BIS® report system has powerful drill down capabilities. Simply click on any hyperlink in a report to see supporting information. Right-click on a hyperlink to unlock even more functionality. Choose from a full range of supporting information. Even change the default drill down to any information source listed. Seeing data relationships has never been easier.


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"BIS provides the contractor with all of the means and methods required to operate a construction business and has kept our company running efficiently for over 30 years."


Gerald Hart, Sr. Vice President, Alpha Construction Co. Inc.



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