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Interactive Data Analysis™ and Pivot Tables®

Within the My Job Dashboard is an Interactive Data Analysis™ (IDA™) feature that enables users to view and manipulate their data with a spreadsheet-like screen form. This feature uses powerful Pivot Tables®, the Microsoft® name for an Excel® technique that is part spreadsheet and part database. Pivot Tables® categorize your data by group, and gives you counts, sums, and averages on your data. This data can even be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. A Data Filter enables users to narrow the analysis to only the facts needed. Columns can be moved, removed and added.


BIS® IDA™ is a high quality software component that embeds interactive data analysis and interactive reporting capabilities. BIS® IDA™ embeds Business Intelligence functionality.


BIS® IDA Features


  • Dynamic data filtering, pivoting, drill-down and roll-up
  • Processing millions of rows with sub-second response time
  • Interactive drill-down into multiple detail levels
  • Show/hide detail levels in summary views
  • Interactive filtering of dimension data values
  • Sorting table by dimension members or fact values
  • Hierarchical filtering for navigation in thousands of dimension members
  • Instant switching between ascending and descending sort orders
  • Automatic sizing of columns and rows to fit values into cells
  • Header and footer in RTF format
  • Clipboard copy and paste
  • Exporting reports into HTML format, displaying reports in Excel® and TXT
  • Printing feature with Page Setup, Zoom, Scale and Fit to Page


Subcontract Interactive Data Analysis


Subcontract IDA displays subcontract status by Job, cost Code and vendor Id.



Click the screenshot for a larger image.


Drag and Drop the column Vendor Id to the left of Job.



Click the screenshot for a larger image.


Subcontract IDA displays subcontract status by Vendor Id, Job and cost Code.



Click the screenshot for a larger image.


Subcontract IDA displays subcontract status summary by Vendor Id.



Click the screenshot for a larger image.

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"Limbaugh Construction co., Inc. uses BIS software on a daily basis not only for bookkeeping purposes but also to track our costs."


Paula Limbaugh, President, Limbaugh Construction





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