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Solutions: Bonding Companies

Bonding companies need accurate financial information in a timely manner not only to provide your clients with the best service possible, but also to keep your customers accountable. We have been helping builders, general contractors and every variety of subcontractors improve their relationship with surety companies with Builder Information Systems (BIS®) real-time, industry-specific solution since 1983. We can help you provide better service to your contractor clients as well as provide your customers with better information.


As contracting companies grow, needing increasing levels of bonding, it is important that they provide you with accurate, clear, and timely financial data. BIS® accounting software is an award winning, real-time, construction specific accounting program that will exceed the needs and expectations of your company and your customers.

Here's why BIS® is the solution you need to recommend:

  • The BIS® exclusive Report Server module can automatically send out scheduled reports so you'll never be begging for information again!
  • The list of reports in BIS® is extremely extensive with over 3,000 reports counting variations
  • Receive excellent financial statements
  • Your clients can grow into greater functionality as they need it
  • Cost effective scaleable solutions for small to large contractors

Disclaimer: Certain functionality is tied to Modules and Edition purchased. Contact MICS for more information on availability and functionality.


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"I have been using BIS since 1994. We find the reports easy to understand by the field people. The payroll module alone saves our company $45,000 per year by allowing us to eliminate one person in overhead."


Sharon Clements, Clements General Construction Inc.