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Accounts Payable

(Essential, Standard, Professional & Enterprise Editions)


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The BIS® Accounts Payable module automatically updates the Accounts Payable Journal, General Ledger, Financial Statements, Vendor Ledger, Vendor File, Job Cost, Subcontract File, Inventory File, Purchase Orders File, 1099 File and the Vendor History File. The books are always current as of the most recent invoice entered or paid!


Accounts Payable Sample Screen


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Accounts Payable Features

  • Entries automatically update the Accounts Payable Journal, Vendor File, Vendor Ledger, 1099 File, General Ledger, Job Cost File, Subcontract File, Financial Statements, Purchase Order File and Inventory File
  • Invoices can be distributed to as many different General Ledger accounts and Jobs as necessary
  • Retention tracking of subcontractor invoices
  • Allows for flexible check writing and partial payments
  • Evaluates future cash requirements
  • "Zoom" feature allows instant look-up of unpaid invoices in Select for Payment
  • Helps you take maximum advantage of credit accounts
  • Vendor numbers are user definable, and include up to ten alphanumeric characters, along with vendor names up to forty characters
  • Automatically updates inventory on hand when payable invoice is entered
  • Easily correct 1099's, even after year-end
  • Recurring A/P Vendor Invoices (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
  • User Definable Fields (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)
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Accounts Payable Reports

  • Vendor List Summary, Detail, Extended, Contact or Udf
  • Vendor Labels - 10 pre-defined Avery® continuous or laser labels
  • Accounts Payable Journal Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Invoice List Detail or Extended - with or without paid invoices, open invoices and on hold invoices
  • Recurring Payables Groups Summary or Detail
  • Recurring Payables Invoices Summary or Detail
  • Vendor Ledger Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Vendor Aging Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Aging Summary or Detail
  • Prepayment List Summary, Detail or Extended - for cash demand requirements and review prior to printing checks
  • Accounts Payable Checks Laser or Continuous
  • Vendor Payments Summary or Detail
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Expiration Summary
  • Liability Insurance Expiration Summary
  • 1099 Report Summary or Detail
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous Forms
  • 1099 Dividends Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous Forms
  • 1099 Interest Laser, Laser-Draft or Continuous Forms
  • 1099 Magnetic Media (BIS® Professional and Enterprise)


Accounts Payable Sample Reports


Hyperlinks fields as shown on the following sample report preview screens can be disabled when printing, exporting or emailing reports.


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