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Are generic accounting programs causing you headaches and extra time spent on your clients' books? Builder Information System is a construction specific accounting program that is easy to use and learn, has excellent reporting capabilities and provides the real-time job cost information that you need.

Whether you are recommending a solution to your clients or assisting them with their books, Builder Information System is the best accounting software for the construction industry.

  • Automate your clients' production of information through periodic reviews
  • Accurate tracking of tax-exempt benefits
  • Automatic reversing journal entries for deleted or modified transactions
  • Excellent financial statements let you help your clients with fiscal budgeting and planning
  • Robust bank reconciliation allowing on-the-fly transactions
  • Save time through fully integrated system with intuitive design
  • Fully robust audit trail
  • Bulletproof payroll reports
  • Split screen capabilities allow you to view different reports for comparison without having to print them out

Disclaimer: Certain functionality is tied to Modules and Edition purchased. Contact MICS for more information on availability and functionality.


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"I had an audit performed by a State auditor on my payroll. He said after reviewing my payroll records for about four hours that in 17 years of auditing he has never seen such clean and accurate payroll records"


Kim Guderski, Bookkeeper, Diamond Contracting Corp.