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Are generic accounting programs causing you headaches and extra time spent on your clients' books? Builder Information System is a construction specific accounting program that is easy to use and learn, has excellent reporting capabilities and provides the real-time job cost information that you need.

Whether you are recommending a solution to your clients or assisting them with their books, Builder Information System is the best accounting software for the construction industry.

  • Automate your clients' production of information through periodic reviews
  • Accurate tracking of tax-exempt benefits
  • Automatic reversing journal entries for deleted or modified transactions
  • Excellent financial statements let you help your clients with fiscal budgeting and planning
  • Robust bank reconciliation allowing on-the-fly transactions
  • Save time through fully integrated system with intuitive design
  • Fully robust audit trail
  • Bulletproof payroll reports
  • Split screen capabilities allow you to view different reports for comparison without having to print them out

Disclaimer: Certain functionality is tied to Modules and Edition purchased. Contact MICS for more information on availability and functionality.


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"Builder Information System is a powerful attractive package that addresses the job cost needs for any company size..."


Brent Dirks, CPA, EA, MCSE The CPA Technology Advisor