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Builder Information System (BIS®) is the fast, flexible and scalable construction accounting and management software at an affordable cost to help you grow your business. With 4 Editions, 18 modules and up to 3,000+ variations of reports, BIS® is the perfect construction management software for any size or type of company. BIS® has a short learning curve, is easy to use and contains AIA® billing, Certified Payroll, Union Payroll, Prevailing Wage, automatic reversing entries, multi-company consolidation, an impeccable audit trail, Historical Fiscal Years, 24 months open at any time, Drill Down+ ™ (which goes far beyond any traditional drill down), certified and union payroll reporting, accurate job costing information, and many other time saving features for construction management in real-time. Know what's going on quickly and easily with all the costs of a job when you need it! Keep all important documents in one area with Document Manager. Manage every aspect of your jobs by linking job site photos, invoices & other documents with Document Link & Imaging. Construction job costing, accounting and project management should be profitable, not painful; that's why BIS® technology is light years ahead of the competition. BIS® job cost software will ensure that you maximize your time and money on the job, not on difficult to use construction software. If you need construction accounting and management software that goes far beyond generic accounting programs and has superior customer service, then BIS® is the industry solution you need. Video: What is real time accounting?



"I have been using BIS since 1994. We find the reports easy to understand by the field people. The payroll module alone saves our company $45,000 per year by allowing us to eliminate one person in overhead."




Sharon Clements, Clements General Construction Inc.





BIS Cloud Timecard


Builder Information System’s® Cloud Timecard is a cloud-based subscriber service that allows secure payroll timecard entries to be made from the jobsite or anywhere that there is Internet access. The flexible cloud application allows company designated Cloud Users to enter timecard information which is subsequently available for review and modifications (if needed) by a Cloud Supervisor prior to approval and downloading to BIS®. Designated users may optionally be set to provide their own Cloud Timecard approval.


The BIS® Cloud Timecard frees up timely payroll entry by office personnel! And, it’s easy! Call today! 1(800) 838-6427




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